Are you ready to remember?

Are you curious about the lifetimes you experienced before you came into your current body?

All the training you've received, the lessons you already learned, the initiations you went through?
Our Past Lives contain unresolved contracts, fears and open energy loops that can hold us back,

but also incredible wisdom that can accelerate our growth and support us in our current mission.
Want to find out what your past holds? This is for you:


single 1:1 session
Past Life Visit

You and me
90 minutes on Zoom

to learn more about

your past lifetimes.

Image by Letti Schm

Do you have a hard time hearing your Soul?

Are you in need of a direct translation of what your Soul is trying to tell you?
You know that when you are connected and follow the guidance everything flows.

You need to cut out the noise and listen to the directions of your Soul,

but you are not able to spot the disconnect yourself.
We'll have your communication channel repaired in no time!
This is designed for you:




You and me
30 minutes on Zoom

to clear your channel

and get you into Flow.

Image by Letti Schm

Are you done working so hard?

As a leader led by your Soul it's easy to overwork.

Your vision is clear, you know exactly where you want to go and it all feels too hard and beyond reach right now.
You're done waiting for your next level in business.
This is designed for you:



Witches' Visit

You and me
for 90 minutes on Zoom

to kickstart

your business breakthrough.

Image by Letti Schm

Are you ready to meet and embody your deepest, most authentic you 

with every fibre of your being?

You are looking for energetic support and spiritual guidance to make your next expansion phase fast, joyful and smooth.

Right now you’re deep in the mud, stuck and it's hard to breath.
You can feel the need to grow, your old skin is too tight and it’s time to shed and step into the leader you came here to be.
You've tried and now you have enough of slipping back into an outdated version of yourself over and over again.
This is designed for you:


virtual 3-Day 1:1 Retreat
Into the Forest

You and me
6 hours on Zoom
spread over 3 days

to move you through this transition

and let you step into

your most authentic, deepest version

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