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Are you ready to remember?

Are you curious about the lifetimes you experienced before you came into your current body?

All the training you've received, the lessons you already learned, the initiations you went through?
Our Past Lives contain unresolved contracts, fears and open energy loops that can hold us back,

but also incredible wisdom that can accelerate our growth and support us in our current mission.
Want to find out what your past holds? This is for you:

single 1:1 session
Past Life Visit

You and me
90 minutes on Zoom

to learn more about

your past lifetimes.

What the Past Life Visit will address:


1. Trauma from past lifetimes that keeps interfering with your current goals

2. Old beliefs that carried over, but don't serve you in this lifetime

3. Past connections with other souls that can hold you back in your current relationships

4. Knowledge of your past life that you won't have to figure out by yourself again

5. Your curiosity. Seeing your past life and connecting the dots between the past and present is an experience you will never forget.

This process is deep, revealing and healing.

Make sure to have time for integration afterwards. I expect you to come into our session focused and clear headed. Please be aware that you need to be free from influences, so no alcohol or or other recreational drugs/medication consumed in the 24 hours before our session.

This session is not suitable for you if you are currently pregnant.

We will meet in my personal Zoom room and you will have the option to record the conversation part of your session if you wish to do so.

During your session we will first discuss quickly your motivation for this session, then set an intention for your preferred outcome and then I will guide you into the most relevant of your past lives according to your intention.
After our visit we will do any healing or completion work that needs to be done and then put an action plan together how to integrate the knowledge you gained into your current lifetime.

My main reason for the Past Life Visit with Annika was curiosity, but I quickly realized that there was so much more behind it. Yes, I saw moving scenes from a past life but connecting the dots between past trauma and present behaviour was so much more valuable.

The healing Annika provided at the end of the journey even more so. I now have answers to questions that were asked before I was born."


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